This year has been a challenging one in lots of ways, many of them a result of the Covid‑19 pandemic and the government’s often inadequate response to it.

During 2020, UNISON have been focussing on supporting our members through the pandemic in every way possible. Your local branch in Bexley has helped numerous members with queries and issues throughout the year.

We have been participating in weekly online meetings with LB Bexley’s HR department to feed into decisions and issues around the pandemic and beyond, including considerations around returning to the office, and flagging up concerns members have raised with us to get them addressed.

UNISON Bexley branch made a donation of £1000 of the money saved on other activities this year to UNISON’s charity There For You, which has been issuing grants to support members in financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic.

Get financial help from There For You

Make a donation to There For You’s Covid-19 appeal

Example UNISON Bexley branch Covid‑19 success story

A member with underlying conditions was worried about the health risks of returning to the workplace, but their particular employer said if they stayed at home they would not be paid.

Following our intervention and discussions with relevant HR staff, the member was permitted to undertake work at home (such as online training courses) and was paid as normal after all.

Remember we’re here to support you if you need any assistance with workplace matters. Please let us know if you’d like to help out too, by getting more involved in your local union branch.

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