UNISON on strike for fair pay

UNISON members in councils (including the London Borough of Bexley) and schools have voted to take strike action over the employers’ insulting pay ‘offer’ – 1% for most members and slightly more for the lowest paid to keep pay levels just above the National Minimum Wage.

This pay offer isn’t anywhere near enough. It doesn’t keep pace with price increases, so it’s a further pay cut. And it will have a negative impact on your pension.

We need YOU and all your colleagues in Bexley to join the strike. This will send a clear message to the employers that they must improve their offer and show you the respect you deserve.

Taking strike action is not an easy choice – especially when finances are tight. But without it, the employers will not return to negotiations or increase the offer. They’ve made that clear. And they are not prepared to enter independent arbitration talks either. If you face hardship from taking strike action, you can seek help from UNISON.

Strike action will show our employers we are prepared to defend our pay. It will send a message to government that they can’t keep cutting services, jobs and pay unchallenged.

We are stronger together. Enough is enough.

The pay claim is affordable – council and schools workers are worth it!

Over the next five weekdays on this web site we’ll share five reasons why you should be striking for fair pay next Thursday. Please join the strike on Thursday 10 July – don’t go into work, and don’t work from home.