Some politications don't want to listen to our voice; vote YES in the political fund ballot so that they have to

Under a law introduced by Margaret Thatcher all unions have to ballot their members every ten years to see if they want to maintain their political fund.

The reason she did this was because she was fed up with trade unions using their political funds to be an effective campaign voice for their members!

UNISON’s ten-yearly ballot takes place in November, with the ballot paper going out in the forthcoming edition of U magazine.

This ballot is simply about whether we have a fund or not. If we vote Yes, to keep the fund, individual members will still get the choice about whether a very small share of their existing subscription goes into the General Political Fund and/or the Affiliated Political Fund, or not to pay in at all.

UNISON’s National Executive Committee is strongly recommending a YES vote to keep the fund.

When you look at how effective the fund has been over the last ten years – fighting for the NHS, hitting back against the BNP, securing progress towards equal pay and winning important rights at work – you can see why the coalition government would rather we voted No.

So please vote YES and urge your colleagues to do likewise!

To find out more and access campaign materials please visit UNISON’s political fund ballot website.