Lots of members who attended the Local Service Champions 2019 event posing with our branch banner

UNISON members providing local services all over Bexley came together for a social event last month to thank them for everything they do to keep the borough running.

Our event took place on UNISON’s Local Service Champions Day, celebrating the often unsung heroes who work for the council and other local public service providers such as care homes, leisure centres and refuse collection contractors.

Attendees at the event standing around chatting in a wood-panelled historic room at Hall Place

Our celebration was held in the beautiful historic location of Hall Place, which is itself run by ‘local service champions’ and was brought back in house by the council in recent years. UNISON Bexley branch is also celebrating winning a long and hard-fought campaign for our lowest-paid members there to have their pay brought up to council levels following their transfer back to the council.

A cupcake printed with the message "Thank you for being a UNISON Bexley branch Local Service Champion"

The event was well attended and everyone who came was thanked with a special Local Service Champions cupcake, plus a raffle ticket for a whole range of prizes including wine, chocolates and a book about Hall Place itself which was written by our branch Treasurer!

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it through the torrential rain to the event. Keep an eye on your inbox, and on this website, for news of any future events and socials!

A ferris wheel full of cupcakes with more cupcakes on plates in front of it