Faced with the stark choice between the employers’ far-lower-than-desired pay offer, the best achievable through negotiation alone, and the need to take sustained, all-out strike action, the membership of UNISON nationally voted to accept the pay offer very clearly, with 64.35% of those who voted choosing to accept it. Turnout nationally was 19.77%.

GMB and Unite members also voted to accept the pay offer. The employers are now being called upon to implement the offer as soon as possible. Thanks to all members who voted in this consultation.

UNISON nationally have issued the following statement to activists about the future of the pay campaign in the wake of the members’ decision.

Our campaign will continue!

At the NJC Committee meeting today [Friday 14 November] there was a long discussion about the best way to take our campaign for fair pay and conditions forward. The Committee also discussed rebuilding our membership and density and effective collective bargaining in local government and schools to enable us to achieve our objectives. The NJC Committee agreed a plan of action which will include:

  • A widespread consultation with members over our key pay campaign targets for the future
  • Developing a plan to strengthen collective bargaining at NJC and branch level through recruitment and organising and work on ways to make the NJC more effective
  • A campaign of political re-engagement over pay issues – from councils and school governors to government Ministers across England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Action to put local government on the public map and show that the work our members do is vital to local communities and society as a whole
  • Ongoing research and a publicity campaign to demonstrate that our members continue to be the ‘poor relations’ of the public sector
  • High profile lobbying around pay leading up to – and beyond – the General Election