As we begin opening up better communications with our members, all members directly employed by the London Borough of Bexley are invited to a special meeting at 12.30pm on Monday 20 April 2015.

To feed into the next round of budget cuts, the council’s HR department is currently considering a range of possible changes to staff’s terms and conditions of employment which would potentially save the council money – but at what cost to staff?

Changes under consideration by HR include measures affecting staff car parking costs, Essential Car User status, overtime, sick pay and Hay pay contracts, among other matters.

Come to Room G04-G05 in the Civic Offices at 12.30pm on Monday 20 April to learn more and most importantly to have your say on which proposals you would like us to prioritise opposing and which you’d be more able to accept.

We’ll explain the proposals in under half an hour so please do try to drop in if you can – it would be great to hear from as many members as possible, and there’ll also be the chance to ask us questions.

Please feel free to pass this invitation onto colleagues – anyone joining UNISON by 20 April (including by bringing us a completed form or filling one in on the way into the meeting) is very welcome to attend, so everyone’s welcome to get in touch for a form (or join online).