The petition launched by UNISON to have changes to the LGPS pension debated in Parliament is still live and needs more signatures!

Please take a moment to sign and share the petition to help it reach 100,000 signatures – more detail below:

UNISON has launched a petition calling for a Parliamentary debate on the Governments proposed changes to the LGPS and the spending of pension funds on UK infrastructure projects.

This would mean that decisions regarding investment in infrastructure using LGPS funds would be taken by Government Ministers rather than the Fund Managers and Scheme Reps.

UNISON is not against LGPS funds investing in infrastructure, but we believe that investment decisions should be made by the Fund Managers and their members, not Government Ministers.

Some five million people rely on the Local Government Pension Scheme to pay their pension. This is why UNISON has launched the petition calling for a parliamentary debate and is asking for your support. More than 50,000 people have already signed and if we get it to 100,000 signatures, the issues will be considered for debate in Parliament.

You do not have to be an LGPS member to sign the petition, you do not even need to be a trade union member. Anyone can sign.

Please add your support and encourage others to do the same. Link is below.