NJC Pay 14: campaigning for a fair deal for local government workers

So you’ve read the intro to Thursday’s strike action, and the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 reasons to strike – now we need to make sure the local government employers hear our message loud and clear tomorrow (Thursday 10 July) – fair pay now!

A huge turnout for the strike will create the maximum impact, putting pressure on our employers to return to the negotiating table with an improvement on their insulting 1% pay offer – a 1.5% pay cut for workers already struggling to keep up with price rises on essential goods.

While the most crucial thing is that you don’t go into work and don’t work from home on the day of the strike, UNISON Bexley branch will also be picketing tomorrow – please contact us to find out how to join a picket line if you would like to do so.

Information on the strike and other events relating to it can be found on the national UNISON web site for the 10 July strike.

Any questions about the strike action?

Do you have a question about the strike action tomorrow, 10 July 2014? UNISON’s updated strike FAQ for members can be found here.

Show support online on the day

If you’d like to spread your support for the strike via social media, to counteract the likely misinformation in the press and other media, UNISON’s recommended Twitter hashtag is #NJCpay14 and you’ll find some suggested facts to share at the bottom right of this UNISON page.

Be prepared for strike day

Finally, did you know that on the day you’re on strike the council can choose to deny you access to your place of work? So don’t make the mistake of leaving any placards behind in your office today, for instance!

Thank you

Thanks to all members who join the strike action tomorrow. Together we are stronger!

Please share our news site with your colleagues as currently only a relatively small number of you are reading this regularly, or have subscribed to receive news updates by e-mail. The more people subscribe or read this, the better informed our membership will be and the stronger UNISON will be in Bexley!